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Special offer "Summer"! 20% off orders in July!

Special offer "Summer"! 20% off orders in July!


Special offer "Summer"! 20% off orders in July!

Special offer "Summer" for our buyers!
If you made orders in May or June you'll get 20% off orders in July!

For example, your order was on 3 000 rubles in May or June, you will have a discount in the amount of 600 rubles on order in July. If your new order is over 3000 rubles discount will be the same - 600 rubles. If it's less then 3000 rubles your discount will be 20% from your order. 

Discount is not valid for the shipping costs. Discount will be applied by the manager. Please mention your previous orders you made in May or June in the comment section. For example: "Special offer "Summer". Order №123456." After that manager will apply discount to your order and you will be able to pay for it.

*This discount can be combined with special offer "20 light items"
**This discount can not be combined with promocodes and does not apply to items at a reduced price

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€ 1.00 = 97.88 rub.
$ 1.00 = 90.25 rub.