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Stock!!! Discounts on ALL from May 22-31!

Stock!!! Discounts on ALL from May 22-31!


Stock!!! Discounts on ALL from May 22-31!

ACTION Discounts up to 13,5% on EVERYTHING !!!

Action "Discounts up to 13,5% on EVERYTHING"
The Action starts from 22.05 to 31.05 inclusive.

7% discount on all brand products: Moyra and Kapous

10% discount on all Flowers-Nicole brand products

13.5% discount For all remaining brands including:
El Corazon 

Kaleidoscope by El Corazon


Iron Hard by El Corazon Nail treatment


MilvDak Print , Fashion NailsECLIPSE 


DepilflaxStart Epil, Eveline Cosmetics



Pupa, Aravia, Ju.Bilej, Miss Tais



Disks, Plates, Stampers for stamping

Vinyl Stencils

Rhinestones, studs

Konad brand products

15% discount on all brand productsMoYou London 

80% discount
on PUEEN Stamping plates cases

These discounts are not cumulative with other promotions and promo codes.

Have a nice shopping !!! 

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El Corazon