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Stock! Discounts up to 80%!

Stock! Discounts up to 80%!


Stock! Discounts up to 80%!

Stock! Discounts up to 80% on the products of our store!
From 07.04 at 13:00 to 19.04 inclusive.

15%, 60% and 80% Discounts on MoYou London Stamping Plates

80% discount:
For Konad brand products

for organizers of the PUEEN brand

60% discount on PUEEN brand products


50% discount on body tattoos


30% discount on El Corazon stamping products (excluding stamping paint)


20% discount on all makeup and nail art brushes

15% discount on:
ESTELARE brand products

Flowers stamping plates

EL Corazon stamping paint (except black and white)


Moyra brand stamping varnishes


goods of the brand A-England


all stickers, slider designs and stencils for nails


and the best top for stamping and sliders El Corazon №434 Top Coat "Top Coat Like Gel" 16 ml
The top coat "GEL-TOP" protects against chipping and gives the manicure a glossy shine. Possesses excellent spreading, does not smudge the paint during stamping and does not corrode the slider, evens out any coating and keeps the manicure for two weeks

12% discount:
for all Souvenirs and Jewelry

 on all decorative cosmetics

10% discount:
for products from the SHARY brand

on MoYou London stamping varnishes

on goods from brands Moyra

7% discount on goods from brand Lesly


These discounts cannot be combined with other promotions and promotional codes.

 Enjoy your shopping !!!

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