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Stock! Discounts up to 80%!

Stock! Discounts up to 80%!


Stock! Discounts up to 80%!

New Promotion with Discounts up to 80%!

The promotion will start from 01/15/2021 at 12:00 and last until 01/25/2021 inclusive

Discounts from 50 to 80%on MoYou London stamping plates

80% discount on organizers of the PUEEN brand

60% discount on PUEEN brand stamping discs

Discounts from 25 to 50% on the following Bio-gels of the EL Corazon brand:

Gemstones Active Bio-gel 423/(451-472)

Large Hologram Active Bio-gel 423/(501-537)

Nail Polish Maniac Active Bio-gel 423/(701-707)

Polishaholic Active Bio-gel 423/(721-727)

Life is Life Active Bio-gel 423/(741-747)

Universe Active Bio-gel 423/(761-767)

Termo Active Bio-gel 423/(800-818)

20% discount on:
all nail and makeup brushes

all products of the brands ESTELARE and SHARY

all eyeshadows and brows

all blush

all foundation creams

all face powder

all creams for face, body, hands and feet

15% discount on Kapous brand products

12% discount on:
Souvenirs and Jewelry and including for children:

massagers for face and body

10% discount on
Flowers stamping plates

Kaleidoscope - Nail Polish

7% discount on products from TNL Professional brand

These discounts cannot be combined with other promotions and promotional codes.

  Good shopping to you !!!

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