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Stock!!! Discounts up to 80% 20.09-29.09

Stock!!! Discounts up to 80% 20.09-29.09


Stock!!! Discounts up to 80% 20.09-29.09

Grand Promotion !!!

Catch discounts up to 80% from September 20 to September 29 inclusive.

5%, 10%, 60%, 80% discount on MoYou London stamping plates

3% discount on all products of the brand Moyra:

10% discount on all Fashion Nails brand products:

12% discount

  • all varnishes from the El Corazon, Iron Hard and Kaleidoscope brand (except: El Corazon - Active Bio-gel, El Corazon stamping nail polishes and nail treatment)
  • all stencils
  • stickers for nails, slider designs
  • rhinestones and all for nail and body design
  • paints for nail design
  • manicure and pedicure tools
  • gel - varnishes and gels for nail extensions
  • nail treatment and cuticle care, other than El Corazon treatment
  • decorative cosmetics and Color For Eyebrows & Eyelashes
  • care cosmetics
  • jewelry and souvenirs
  • section Children's world
  • sections United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia
15% discount on all brand products:

30% discount on all brand products:

  • on all brushes

50% discount on all PUEEN brand products

80% discount PUEEN Stamping plates cases

These discounts are not cumulative with other promotions and promo codes.

Have a nice shopping !!! 

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