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The arrival of nail files from El Corazon!

The arrival of nail files from El Corazon!


The arrival of nail files from El Corazon!

New arrival of nail files from El Corazon!

We have a new arrival of nail files from El Corazon. Production South Korea. High-quality nail files of various shapes and colors with the company logo are designed for both salon and home use. For your convenience, abrasiveness is prescribed on each file. Abrasive - the stiffness of the file, measured in grit. The more grit, the finer the spraying and, accordingly, the softer the file. Files with abrasiveness from 80 to 180 grit are used for processing artificial nails, for natural ones they are too hard. Saw files with an abrasive from 180 to 220 grit can safely file natural nails. Abrasive from 220 to 500 grit is used for polishing, well, and more than 900 grit - for polishing nails.

A very convenient file "Jumbo" with the article JF207 has an abrasiveness of 180 grit. It is suitable for both natural and artificial nails. In order for the coating to fall on the nails perfectly evenly, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the nail plate from the resulting spraying. Just for this, the second side with fur is intended. It is convenient to hold a thick rigid nail file in hands at work.

The EL Corazon pedicure file has two large work surfaces with different abrasiveness. One side of the file is 60 grit. It is intended for the care of very rough skin, which pumice and scrub cannot handle. The second side is 120 grit. Due to the fine grain size, the nail file allows you to grind coarse dry skin areas, without prior steaming and without the use of a scrub. The EL Corazon pedicure file is comfortable, strong and durable - a necessary accessory for the beauty and health of your legs.

The EL Corazon file from Bohemian crystal has a microcrystalline notch applied by laser. The file carefully treats the nail plate without injuring it. When using metal files, microcracks are formed and the nails begin to exfoliate. Therefore, in the makeup bag of every modern woman, there should be a double-sided glass nail file EL Corazon in a neat little case. The surface of the file does not wear out, it can be washed with water, sterilized or boiled.


There are never too many files! With us you can find a file suitable for you !!!

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