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Valeri-D professional brushes

Valeri-D professional brushes


Valeri-D professional brushes Valeri-D best proffesional nail art and makeup brushesWe are happy to announce new brand in our store! Brand offers the largest selection with the best quality at the best price.

Good deal for everyone who wants to have neat manicure. Simply use a brush and nail polish remover to remove nail polish from cuticles.
3Н-3240 - nail3.jpg 
Nylon Nai Art Brush VALERI-D 3Н-3240
4H-3240 -nail1.jpg 
Nylon Nai Art Brush VALERI-D 4H-3240

You can also use nylon makeup brush for this:
4M-3H240 - nail4.jpg
Brow and lash brush VALERI-D 4M-3H240
6M-3H240 - nail2.jpg
Brow and lash brush VALERI-D 6M-3H240

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€ 1.00 = 97.88 rub.
$ 1.00 = 90.25 rub.